uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

We now offer Vertical sliding windows around the Crewe and Nantwich area. Our windows has all the great aspects of the latest materials and are very functional but they keep the withhold the character and style of the period. These look exceptional on period properties looking elegant whilst in keeping with the look of the period house.

Features of the Vertical Sliding Windows

  • Ovolo detail
  • Latest top of the range product
  • Cream, White, and range of wood grained colours with foil finish
  • PCE glazed system (Low Line)
  • 12.8cm size of the box sash allows easy replacement of existing windows
  • Range of cills available
  • Option of Georgian Bar
  • Timber sash box look by the bottom rail
  • Window tilt allows to be easily cleaned from indoors
  • High quality product provides superb results in all weathers
  • Sash box options (In both small & large)
upvc vertical sliding window

Colours Available

vertical windows colours