Guardian Warm Roof – Roof Tiles

Choose from a range of colours and textures

The lightweight roof tiles are available in a range of textures and colours which can be used to match your existing roof or choose something completely different. The tiles interlocking shingles eradicate lifting caused by the wind and will allow a 10 degree roof pitch.

Guardian Warm Roof Tiles

Coated from Aluzinc makes the tiles highly resilient and super strong

Built from super grade steel making them lightweight

Moss Green Roof Tiles

Moss Green

burnt umber roof tiles

Burnt Amber

charcoal roof tiles


Antique Red Roof Tiles

Antique Red

Ebony Roof Tiles


Roof Tiles

The tiles display the look of a small riven slate

Designed to go as low as a 10% pitched roof

Specially designed hidden fix (No exposed nails)

The secure silent roof shingles have a 40 year guarantee. A new Guardian Roof fits on to the current window frames of your conservatory and it only takes a few days to convert your current conservatory in to a new living space.

The low profile textured tiles capture the look of traditional slates and tiles

The highly durable Guardian Warm Roof tiles interlock with each other to keep out the wind and rain, the tile are very strong and they don’t require cement to fix them, it leaves a great looking smooth finish on your roof.

Guardian Roof Tile