Guardian Slate

Discover the best style for your home -there is a choice of five colours in the Guardian Slate range.

The Guardian roof slates are made using the latest tech, from resin bonded crushed limestone making them very durable with high impact and heat resistance levels.

During testing the Guardian slates were exposed to high levels of Ultra Violet rays and there was virtually no fade shown in the test results.

Guardian Roof Slate

The beautiful look of Natural Slate without the cracks and breaks






Manufactured and tested to the highest standards make the Guardian Roof Slate an excellent solution

Longer life expectancy

Fire rating of grade “A” on a standard membrane

60% lighter than traditional slate

100% Recyclable at end of use

Consistent high quality and dimensional accuracy


The low profile textured tiles capture the look of traditional slates and tiles

The highly durable Guardian Warm Roof tiles interlock with each other to keep out the wind and rain, the tile are very strong and they don’t require cement to fix them, it leaves a great looking smooth finish on your roof.

Both home owners and builders require quicker construction times coupled with lower costs, but still require a traditional high quality appearance.

Guardian Roof Tile